Q: Where can I get a copy of Marquette Monthly?

A: Marquette Monthly is distributed at over 250 locations throughout the central U.P. including Alger, Baraga, Delta, Houghton, Keweenaw, and Marquette counties. For a complete list of locations see the “Distribution” tab on this website.

Q: How can you give it away for free?

A: Marquette Monthly is supported by local advertisers. It has always been the goal to make MM accessible to all who wish to pick it up. Our local advertisers throughout the central U.P. are the reason this can happen. Please support and thank them for making this possible.

Q: I have an interesting story idea, how can I get MM to cover it?

A: MM always welcomes interesting story ideas. The editors sift through the many ideas and send out a list to our freelance writers. Writers then choose a topic to write on and create what lies within the pages. We can’t always do every article, but we always welcome your suggestions. Please send an email with your story ideas and contact information to: .

Q: How do I become a writer for Marquette Monthly?

A: You can send a sample of your work to: along with an email stating your interest and background. MM is a wonderful way for writers to showcase their talents or continue to do what they love, as some of our longstanding writers can attest to.

Q: How do I become a cover artist?

A: As you well know, the covers of Marquette Monthly are one of our “claims to fame” as they would say. It is an excellent way for both new and experienced artists to showcase their artistic talents. MM gets many submissions for covers each year. Unfortunately we only have 12 slots to fill. We do want to keep our covers fresh, so please submit a sample or link of your work and an email expressing your interest to:

Q: What qualifies as a calendar submission?

A: As you know there are numerous events in the U.P. To keep that listing manageable we limit our calendar listings to events that cost $25 or less (except fundraisers and those of the not-for-profit nature). If you have an event of a for-profit nature over $25, please consider our affordable ad rates to get your message out.

Q: How do I submit something to the calendar?

A: Please send the event info to: . Please include event name, brief description, cost, time, location and a publishable phone number for people to contact with questions. Deadline for the calendar is the 10th of the preceding month (earlier deadlines may apply in November and December due to the holidays).

Q: When does Marquette Monthly come out?

A: Marquette Monthly is always out in Marquette by the first of each month, with distribution to the outlying areas in the following days. In many instances, MM goes out before the first.

Q: What areas of the U.P. does Marquette Monthly cover?

Marquette Monthly covers and distributes to Alger, Baraga, Delta, Houghton, Keweenaw and Marquette counties.

Q: How do I advertise in Marquette Monthly?

A: You can call 906-360-2180 or email: OR to request further information/details.

Q: What is the advertising deadline?

A: Although the exact date varies each month, deadlines typically fall on or a few days before the 15th of each month. Working earlier is always best to allow time for quality design and proofing. Earlier deadlines may apply at the holidays.


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